Reducing environmental impact of buldings, while at the same time ensuring economic viability, comfort and safety of its occupants, is ECOSTEEL’s aim and business philosophy.
Unlike standard business practices whose goal is usually limited to achieve short term economic success, our sustainable constructions are aimed at emphasizing long term affidability, quality and efficiency while decreasing at the same time negative environmental impacts.

The buildings we design and create are thought for minimizing the use of water, raw materials energy and land.
Nowadays, the construction industry is driven by constant market demand for sustainable practices and materials.
Having realized that, over the years, Ecosteel has made of steel and metal constructions its own distinguishing mark. Using steel takes the pressure off renewable resources as by giving an example in the world of constructions, building a 2.000 square foot home requires about 40 to 50 trees which is the quantitative of an acre. On the other hand, the same 2.000 square foot home, if made of steel, would only requires the equivalent of six scrapped automobiles to be built.

There is a wide range of advantages that can be achieved thus the implementation of steel and metals in the construction industry:
Steel is durable and has the highest strenght-to-weight ratio of any other material used in the world of constructions;
Metal roofs with heat-deflecting coatings and finishes can save building owners up to 40% in heating and cooling costs;

When “dealing” with homes in warmer climates, pre-painted or granular coated metal roofing systems not only reflect solar energy but also cool the home by re-emitting most of the solar radiation absorbed;
Talking about the construction of bridges, newly developed steel grades offer significant weight savings, making steel bridges cost-effective.


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